Off grid systems

Micropower can design and build an off grid system to provide power where there is no electricity grid.

Using our expertise we can combine wind and solar with batteries to give mains voltage on site anywhere in Ireland. Micropower can also design and build an off grid system which can be transported and assembled anywhere in the world.

Solar light kits

Solar light kitsComplete DIY kit for your caravan, mobile home or small holiday cottage.
For more information please contact us

Solar powered fridge-freezer

Solar powered fridge freezer
Solar powered fridge-freezer, suitable for anywhere in the world ,no running costs, no power cuts . contact us to learn more.

Western pole park light

Off grid street lighting

If you need to light a dark area that has no electric power we can supply and install  solar powered off grid lighting to suit your needs.
Driveways, car parks, street lighting, security light and more.

No digging trenches for cables, no running costs.

To learn more please contact us

To learn more about off grid systems watch the video below.

Braun 3.5kw turbine on telecom mast.

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